The New XR Screen Cleaner has been developed to provide the highest quality cleaning product for your Intensifying Screens.

The XR Screen Cleaner is the #1 Cleaning Solution for removing dirt, dust, hair and fingerprints from your X-Ray Cassettes. XR Screen Cleaner will increase Intensifying Screen Efficiency and prolonging Overall Screen Life. It works as well on Cassettes and Illuminators .

Maintenance & Care of your X-Ray Cassettes


  • Store in dust-free environment.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme environmental conditions.
  • Storage area should be free of X-ray radiation and chemical fumes.
  • Do not keep any weight on cassette or screen.


  • Periodical cleaning of screen & cassette ensures high image quality.
  • Moisten a cellulose cloth (non-fluffy) with antistatic cleaning agent.
  • Wipe the cleaner softly and evenly over the whole surface of the screen.
  • Remove dust from corners of cassette.
  • Leave the cassette open for approximately 10 minutes to enable the solvent to evaporate completely.
  • Close the cassette after screen surface has dried completely.
  • Never put excess cleaner on screen surface.
  • Never put the cassette on end for drying. This may lead to distortion of screen.

Mounting Screen in Cassette

  • Clean Cassette to remove dust particles.
  • Ensure that the cassette is not warped or bent and that it closes perfectly.
  • If the cassette is warped or bent, replace it.
  • Peel off the protective liners of adhesive tape from the front screen.
  • Place front screen in the center in the front tray of the cassette, tape side down, and gently press along the edges.
  • Peel off the protective liners of the back screen and place it over the front screen, tape side up, making sure that the edges of both screens coincide exactly.
  • Gently close and lock the cassette and let it sit for half an hour for perfect adhesion.
  • Enter installation date on the enclosed cassette label and affix it to the back of the cassette.

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